game_newsXbox One is going to get more audience as it goes to china. Microsoft has announced on 29th April that they are planning to release the Xbox One in China this September.

Yusuf Mehdi, the corporate VP of marketing and strategy for studios and devices of Microsoft said that launching Xbox One in china is a big milestone to them and this is the best way to deliver the best games to more players around the world.

This release will make the Xbox One as the first game console in China with OTT functionality. OTT means over-the-top content, which is content, delivered over the internet where the ISP is only responsible for transferring data.

The announcement of Microsoft maintains the relaxation of China’s 14 years prohibit on video game consoles. China also revealed the censorship rules for video game consoles recently that mentioned no video games are allowed to promote violence or drug use. A statistic released in the month of April at the Games Marketing Summit that revealed China is a big potential market where the number of gamers exceeds the total population of U.S.

In last year September, Microsoft along with BestTV built a joint venture company E-Home Entertainment in the purpose of releasing a streaming console. Enwei Xie will be heading up the Xbox One China as a general manager of the group.

Dazhong Zhang, the chairman of the E-Home Entertainments said about the partnership that they will start developing video games merged with Chinese culture and will do more in the future.


game_newsWith the system update of PlayStation 4, mobile PlayStation app and PlayStation Vita also got updates last month. The update released 30th of April.

The PlayStation Vita 3.15 update released recently that is at the end of the last month and at the same time PS4 1.70 update also released. Compare to PS4, this system update came with fewer features and mainly concentrated on the connectivity with the PS4. Automatic Device Registration has been introduced which allow the two systems to be paired automatically so long as both of them are online and the same user is signed on both of them. As per Sony, this thing will make easy to take the advantage of PS4 Remote Play on PlayStation Vita, and also other PS4-Vita features.

On March the 3.10 vita update was came on the market with some features such as support for more software icons on the Home screen, a new calendar app, and the feature of recording voice messages.

The update for Playstation App already released for iOS. It gives the facility of push notification, allows of changing the PSN profile pictures using the photo stored on phones or tablet, and allows of sending friend request via text messages or emails.

Some other changes like resolution for iPad mini and iPod 2 are now supported, notification alerts are supported, pictures on your iPhone, iPod or iPad can be used to set profile pictures, and some others.

So check the PS4 1.70 update and expand video sharing features.

game_newsThere are only few months from E3 in 2014 and Sony Computer Entertainment America has applied for a trademark application for its new game ‘Bloodborne’. Bloodborne game will be coming on PlayStation 4 console. Sony has applied for this trademark on April 24, 2014 with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

The application is something like that “Computer game software; computer game software which is downloadable via a wireless devices and global computer network”. This is all that we got to know about Bloodborne game from the editor Eddie Makuch of GameSpot on April 30. He also added that there were no representatives available from PlayStation to comment on this news.

Sony is now busy in trade marking the titles of its new game Bloodborne before E3 this year. Earlier in the April 2014, Sony trademarked two unannounced games named Entwined and Kill strain. If Sony is planning to announce these games this year at E3, then players do not need to wait much for these games. E3 2014 will be happening in Los Angeles on June 10-12. There Sony holds its main presentation where they declare the new titles of their games.

But there is no information about the game that what it could be. Only we got to know that it’s a video game as it is indicated by the class 9 issued for the trademark. But Sony has not declared anything about the game officially. So you have to wait till June to know more about it.


game_newsPlayStation 4 1.70 update is released on the market and now available to download. PS4 originally launched on last November and now the update is available which add many features and gives huge options to the players.

Sony has contacted with GameSpot and said that they have not announced any game names those will be supporting the new functions of PlayStation 4. So they have not confirmed officially whether Watch Dogs game can be the first preordered PS4 game on the US Playstation store. Therefore it will be the first game to use these new features of PS4. A source has informed GameSpot that this will be the case.

Besides the previous features, Sony has added the ability to change the DualShock 4 light bar’s brightness. The brightness can be set to dim, medium and bright and you can change this from the settings menu. You can now also use the touchpad to zip around the on-screen keyboard.

Apart from these two features player will get video editing thing SHAREfactory, new camera commands, the choice to stop HDCP for games, increasing broadcasting resolutions and many more. Though Sony has not mentioned any game names that will support these new features of PlayStation 4, but most probably Watch Dogs is going to be one of the first games to support these features.

Besides PS4 1.70 update, Sony has also released an update for Vita that is Vita 3.15. At the beginning of April Sony announced that the sales of global PS4 are now seven million. So if everyone tries to update their PS4, then it requires a bandwidth of few million gigabytes.

game_newsA new Left 4 Dead game is in the progress and will be coming soon on the market but it may not be that game that fans of this game are looking for. Valve has partnered with Japanese publisher Tailor for a new series of this game, named Left 4 Dead Survivors. This game is mainly being designed for Japanese arcades.

Tailor and Valve had partnered earlier also in 2006. At that time they released Half Life: 2 Survivors which also was designed for Japanese arcades.

The news about the new Left 4 Dead came to public by Eddie Makuch on April 30. But we could not know much about this game apart from a video which was released at the beginning of this year. At that time this game was known as “Project z”. A teaser website revealed that the Left 4 Dead Survivors is coming soon.

There is some news that Valve is working in the Left 4 Dead game series. In last year June, the third series of this game was spotted in a project tracker. Another listing released few months later about the game. The original Left 4 Dead game was launched in the market in 2008 and the second series of the same came in the market the next year.

The story of the Left 4 dead game is simple where humans remain protected to a zombie virus and players will be playing as a small group of them. There you will find many characters in the game. However wait for the release of the new series.