MANILA, Philippines –, one of Asia’s leading hotel booking site and part of Nasdaq-listed Priceline Group (Nasdaq:PCLN), presents a 5 day flash deal which has more than a hundred listed properties in Japan.  Participating cities are Participating cities are TokyoOsaka, KyotoSapporo,YokohamaNagoyaFukuoka and Okinawa. Travelers can book starting April 14 to April 18 for stays from May 6 to July 18, 2014, up to 55% off!

Recently, the two largest carriers in the country simultaneously launched new routes between Japan and the Philippines. This inauguration has now opened more opportunities for Filipino travelers to experience Japan’s hi-technology and futuristic products like the bullet train, taste fresh authentic sushi, write a haiku in front of Mt. Fuji, visit serene temples and at the same time go crazy with their fashion!

Here are some recommended hotels as you explore the land of the rising sun!

1. Hotel Monterey La Soeur Osaka (4*)

The boutique-style hotel’s art deco European inspired interior distinguishes it from neighboring hotels. The establishment is ideal for business and leisure travelers who require easy access to Osaka’s thriving center. Hotel Monterey La Soeur Osaka in Osaka resides next to the Osaka Castle, is only one kilometer from Jr Kyobashi Station and is a three minute walk to the metro station.

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2. Nishitetsu Inn Shinjuku in Tokyo (3*)


Nishitetsu Inn Shinjuku in Tokyo (3*)

Situated in Shinjuku, this hotel is the perfect place to experience Tokyo. From here, guests can enjoy easy access to all that the lively city has to offer. Also within easy reach are Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden, Bic Camera, Meiji Jingu Shrine and Shopping Centres such as Keio, Odakyu, Lumine, and Takashimaya.

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3. New Otanni Inn Sapporo (5*)


New Otanni Inn Sapporo (5*)

The 5 star hotel is favorably located in the center of Sapporo City, the birthplace of miso ramen. Travelers can enjoy comfortable stays since it is suitable for business or leisure. Shops, bar/pub, laundry service/dry cleaning, restaurant, room service, and concierge are some of the extra comforts travelers will find in this establishment.

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4. Kyoto Brighton Hotel (5*)


The Kyoto Brighton Hotel is perfect for travelers that want bold luxury in a scenic city location.The hotel offers spacious and modern guestrooms adorned with traditional Japanese decorations and a lavish design theme that is extravagant yet not pretentious. Guests will enjoy a location that is just three-kilometers from the city center, five-kilometers from the Kyoto Train Station.

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At first glance, it may seem that Tappingo game is same as the puzzle game Picross. But after playing Tappingo game you will understand the difference between the two. It’s a puzzle game and the core gameplay is similar to Picross game, but the way to solve the puzzles is different. Here your main aim is to create a picture by filling up lines vertically and horizontally. Hearing the gameplay, it seems that the puzzles are easy to solve, but once you start playing, your concept will be proved wrong. All the lines are scattered in the puzzle game and you have to drag the tiles down to create paths. This is important as you have to stop lines by making walls and it’s the only way to get right conclusion. On each of the tiles, number is written on it and based on the number you can drag the tiles up to certain distance. So you have to decide in which direction you will drag the tiles to solve the puzzles. It will create an excitement in you as you will start thinking where to drag the tiles to fall into right place.


When you are playing Tappingo, you can control the game by touch screen or using regular buttons. Both of them are very useful but you can go for touch screen control as it will make you feel comfortable to tap the blocks on screen and see the entire things in front of your eyes. But the game sound is missing when you are tapping blocks on screen. This is not major thing in the Tappingo game as in next minute you will forget about sound. But if you tap on wrong block mistakenly or by accident then it may affect your work process. In such case, you have to rethink and regroup again about what you are doing.

When you start Tappingo game at the beginning the puzzles are small and also take less time to finish. But as you progress with the game, the puzzles become vast in size. In the first batch of 30 puzzles, you will be able to finish them in 40 seconds. But in the later levels, it will take more time to solve a puzzle. Though you will not see the touch of new mechanics in the later stage, but the puzzles come with more complex. The larger the puzzle, the chance of doing mistakes also gets increased.

Tappingo game includes interesting puzzles in the game but the drawback of the game is that the effect of soundtrack which is missing from the game. Sound effect is a minimal thing in a game design because without hearing any sound when you are taping blocks it makes you feeling empty. If the game would have added sound effects, then it could have reached to another level in satisfying the players. It also lacks some other features like Tappingo game could have added extra intensive to attract the players and leaderboard feature, then you could have competed with your friends in puzzles.

Surge Deluxe game will keep you hooked from starting to ending. It’s a puzzle game, created by Futurlab studios and after playing you will understand that Surge Deluxe is one of the best puzzle games that you have played ever. This is the upgrade version of Surge that was released earlier. Now it’s the new edition of that old game that can be played on Playstation Vita, but came with more improved sound, graphics, and more.


The gameplay of Surge Deluxe game is simple and easy to play as well. You can play it two modes. In one mode you will find endless puzzle games and your main aim is to reach high score by combining several blocks of same color. As you proceed with the game, there are multiplier, rainbow blocks, link blocks and bombs. The rainbow blocks will change several blocks into the color you linked to it. So you will be able to make big chains of same color blocks and thus you can earn more points. At the starting the game is simple and gets complex when you go into deeper. At this stage, there is time limit for puzzle and also a venting system. You will get to see a bar on the side while playing and if it gets up at the top of the screen, then your time is over. To stop the bar from going to top, you have to complete a line and unlock the vents. The vents will let the steam come out, so as a result the bar will go down. If you can link the blocks with that colored vents that you have used just, then you will obtain bonus points. You can control the Surge Deluxe game using the touch screen and draw a line to link the blocks of same color. Playstation Vita makes it very easy to control the game.

The other mode is puzzle mode where you will be able to practice different puzzles and it will help you to speed up time in main gameplay. The most interesting thing about this game is that each puzzle has its own score table, so you can understand how you have to play or the competition edge of the puzzle to kick the person who is ahead of you in scoring. The high score table gives you the chance to see the puzzles and the main game. But the puzzle section is separated, so you can see how you compare with each one. Whenever you select a puzzle, the game will pop up and tell you the high score. According to that you can set your target of scoring for the puzzle. It does the same thing when you play the endless puzzle mode. In individual puzzle mode you will not get any trophies, so you can use this mode for practice and then play on endless puzzle mode.

Surge Deluxe includes simple but vibrant graphics. The soundtrack is fast beat and altogether it’s an amazing game to play.

Realms of the Haunting includes everything in this single game, such as adventure, action, and puzzle. The game plot takes place in England. You will play the role of Adam Randall who lost his father. As a player you will get a mysterious letter from your father who has died and you have met a creepy priest. Then you decide to stay in a large, deserted, and spooky house in the middle of nowhere. There you have to battle with evil forces. The game is created very nicely with some use of full motion video, and also you will get to see the touch of FMV here. You will also see the uses of video in the game when you stumble in a new puzzle and in other various points. All together the effect is excellent.


When you start the Realms of the Haunting game, you have just entered into the house. Once you enter there is no way to turn back as the doors behind you are closed. For some players little practice is required to get used to with smooth scrolling. Collect few clips of ammo and a pistol and get ready to start laying waste to some ghostly villains. Just because they are dead, that does not mean that they are immune to lead. It’s not a Shoot’em-up game; you have to use the objects that you have found to reveal many areas in the house and disclose details of the mystery.

Before entering this house, you already know the reason of your journey to this house in Realms of the Haunting game. Your father’s spirit is locked up here and only you have the power to release your father’s soul from suffering. But when you start looking for clues that might help your father, you find that there is lot more things to reveal other than the soul of a parish priest. As you progress with the Realms of the Haunting game, you will discover more about the dreadful evils and what they were committed in the house and why you are the only one who can make everything right in this house. You can adjust the difficulty level for both adventure and action. If you choose hard for puzzle, then you have to choose the proper item from your list to use in a given situation. And if you select easy for puzzle, then objects will place automatically in your hand.

The 3D modeled creatures are created in such a way that it will make you feel that they are coming out from screen around you. And when you will find yourself surrounded by some awkward ghosts, then you will get scared for sure for the first time. The video clips of the game are really nice but when come to the sound, it’s little tired sometime. But Realms of the Haunting is a game that will not disappoint you after playing. Once you play, you will get addicted to it. So you can get the game and try this horror adventure.

Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy game is all about to solve puzzles, and investigation. The game includes an overarching mystery to solve on the way of Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy. They have also to uncover many secrets on their way. Your investigations will be interrupted regularly as you have to solve many puzzles in the middle of the investigations. By solving the puzzles you will earn picarats or currency if you can give correct answer. But if you answer wrong, then your picarats will get reduced. The good thing about the game is that you will get many puzzles to solve, so it will let you adjust the answers before committing to a solution. Other than this story, you will find episodes in the game that are filled in background details on some minor incidents and characters while Layton’s large trunk  holds three mini games.


The level-5 has come up with more adventure for the professor’s final bow. In this version of the Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy game, professor Layton and his allies are still investigating the artefacts that they have unearthed in the two previous version of the game. Their journey leads them to a surprising discovery with hopping adventure. On your way you will get to see a variety of locations such as you will visit a walled city, rural village tattered by winds, and a tropical island. This is the addition in the new version and you can fly in the locations at will. It’s a welcome change in the Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy game and useful when you get stuck in the game. Then rather than chewing your stylus until you find the solution, you can explore another location by taking a break.

All the puzzles that come with Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy game are skillfully woven into the story compare to the older versions. But sometimes the connections are tenuous and sometimes slightly ridiculous. The action scenes are warped into environmental puzzles as professor Layton move swinging hooks to get the enemy agents. The puzzles those are not quite fit into the plot are tied into events detailed in newspaper stories accessed from the trunk. So it will encourage you to revisit the locations that you have already searched for puzzles, collectable knick-knack and hint coins.

Any Layton game dies or lives on its plots and the quantity of puzzles. You will get both the things in Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy game. Most of the puzzles are fresh, only a few puzzle ideas are repetitive. The game not only includes a misery stories with terrific pacing, but also came up with beautiful and memorable characters and beautifully judged twists. The soundtrack and the visuals are great. All the characters are created beautifully. And once you play the game, you will not regret for buying such puzzle game that you can say worth of price. Also it is available in a reasonable rate. So you can try it once.