Since the sales of Xbox One have skyrocketed this year, Microsoft has decided to put in some game_newsadditional feature in the next update in July. The console is already one of the desired consoles. The company is only trying to make it one of the best.

One of the most welcome proposals is the ability to move achievements to the right side of the screen. There will be a get help button connected to the internet which will search for related topics and give the player a more effective result. In addition to the online help, the achievement feature will make it easier for the player to track all achieved achievements and the pending achievement.

Another addition to the firmware is going to be a double click on an unspecified button to bring about the snap centre. The most important thing about this update is that it will be able to incorporate and support the future launches of compilations and digital bundles. This will save the hassle when you want your console to support something new but yours is out dated so can’t do it.

Another feature is the choice of voice models between German and English. The players in select countries will get this advantage.

The opinion of Microsoft is that they make something futuristic already that it would help game publishers to integrate their products more so that the users get the most of it. Remember it is a very vastly growing part of electronic entertainment. And Microsoft is doing what they are good at; getting ready.

game_newsNews everywhere today has unpleasant events. Most unfortunate events though are the ones where a youngster goes out with a gun and shoot people willy-nilly and commits suicide at the end. There might be reasons behind these actions but they are never known from the first person view, because the person is dead.

Concerns are raised over the relationship of those individuals with characters in video games. The society is like addicted to video games. May it be role playing games or shooting games, the element of violence is arguably there in almost all video games. The specific attention is drawn towards the first person shooting games.

The first person shooting games give an absolute experience of shooting someone else. It is like training someone to shoot. When kids grow up in a culture full of something unique, they adapt to the uniqueness of the culture. This is a silent motivation inside rooms that kids grow up with. Violence, especially the shooting experience is very attractive to kids. Something gets interesting and attractive because you cannot do it outside, yet you want to. You cannot fight someone or knock someone off in the street, but you can in a video game.

Now that studies have suggested both ways that video games are and are not contributing to increasing violence in the society. Disregard to whatever concerns are, video gaming technology has developed over the years. This only has given gamers an enhanced and supreme experience nearly to reality. The virtual reality is better to remain virtual when it comes to violence.


Compare to the same time last year, sales of video game hardware are almost double this year. Statistics taken from May 2013 to May 2014 show that video game consoles have sold twice in May this year than last.

game_newsThe main reason behind this is the welcome for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. But the sale of other remaining competitors and accessories are also taking place. Much expected video games released this year would have sparked the sales of Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 as these provide a better experience to the player.

As for PlayStation 4, 2014 remains a happy new year. P4 has remained the bestselling video game console since January this year for more than five consecutive months now. The existed and known consoles made a sale through special offers and bundles. The Xbox One sold with Borderlands is a prime example of combined sales that really worked.

As for the sales of games themselves, Watch Dogs was in the first place, followed by Mario kart 8 and MLB 14: The show, respectively. Call of Duty : Ghosts was at the last place of top 10.

May 2014 has been a remarkable month of sales for both game consoles and other components of video games. Sony and Microsoft did not reveal the actual number of consoles sold but the total gaming sales for May 2014 were over $1.46 billion.

After E3 and the new games coming in we could only hope for a more profiting gaming industry this year.


game_newsThe beauty of Neverwinter is returning in August 2014. The Cryptic and Perfect World has made the announcement. Although there weren’t much detail in the announcement itself but there were other sources detailing the game and the theme.

The dragons have taken to believe that their queen Tiamat has been dwelling over the nine hells for thousands of years and she should be returning by now. The dragons need their queen to lead them towards their destiny and goal.

It was thought by the dragons that there was a prophesy promising the creation of immortal dragons. Now that they have realized that there was an empire on dragons flourishing some 25,000 years ago but was extinct. It is the belief of the dragons now that with their queen they can bring back the immortal dragon empire again.

The makers of the game say that they are proud have come to this point. They say that it is a pivotal year for Dungeons and Dragons. When they say that they are thrilled it is understood that the Perfect World and Cryptic is the element for that feeling.

The announcement that the Tyranny of Dragons is only the beginning makes it tasty to the players. It seems like there are going to be more serials to the game in a new way of story line. This is the fourth module to the Neverwinter but it seems like a new beginning that will make this series a unique one starting from August 2014.


game_newsThe much anticipated updated version of Minecraft is released this August for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The dates are set to be in early August. Existing users of existing version can upgrade to the new version with a minimal upgrade fee.

Unlike Xbox 360 edition, the new upgraded version for Xbox One will allow users to experience larger worlds and much draw distances. The new Xbox One version will cost around $20. The existing Xbox 360 version users can upgrade it for $5. The upgrade will be available for one year from the date of release. Saved games can also be imported into Xbox One.

PSN will release the PlayStation 4 version in August as well. The PS4 version will also bring about larger worlds and much draw distances than the prior versions of PlayStation games. The new version and the upgrade will cost the same as for Xbox One.

The draw back in the PlayStation 4 version is that the saved games cannot be imported to earlier versions; but you can still import your saved games in earlier versions to the PlayStation 4. There are also some issues in transferring some of the DLC skins into PlayStation 4 due to some licensing deals.

The worlds featured in the new upgraded version of the games will not be infinite but rather they would be larger than the ones experienced in prior versions. All the Minecraft lovers can get ready to experience the new and advanced features of the game starting from August 2014.